5 Best 2019 Latest Blog Templates that are Suitable for Beginners

the latest blog template

2019 Latest Blog Templates - Templates which are one of the most important things for a blog, in addition to interesting content templates also greatly affect the performance of a blog. starting from the display, loading speed when loading the blog, the code structure in the blog template, and many more that will make the blog categorized as good or good enough, especially in SEO ON PAGE. 

For beginners, there are many choices of templates that you can try, starting from free templates that you can download on the internet. But you need to pay attention also in choosing a free template, there will definitely be a Credit Link that will go to the site of the template creator or the site that has paid copyright from the template you are using, please readhow to eliminate Credit Link which redirects to another site in a free template . 

If you are a beginner and are confused about choosing the template you are going to use, I give a little Recommendation to the latest blog template that is suitable for you beginners:

1. Haster Blogger Template

the latest blog template

Blogger Haster Template is a responsive, clean and minimal blogger theme. Perfectly crafted, this amazingly designed and highly optimized theme provides outstanding performance in this category. It is suitable for photography, food, reviews, films, recipes, sports, makeup, OOTD travel, etc. personally. It mainly focuses on readability and typography. It has a font style that is professional and easy to read, so users can easily connect with your article.

2. Responsive Blogger Blogger Template

the latest blog template

Besides being responsive to bloggers, templates are also equipped with navigation that makes it easy for site visitors to find other articles in your blog.

3. Its a Girl Blogger Template

the latest blog template

In accordance with the name and appearance, this template is suitable for blogs related to women.

4. AMP Blogger Template

the latest blog template

Blog Templates Based on Accelerated Mobile Pages or Accelerated Cellular Pages. The word is MORE SEO Friendly because it is lightweight and fast on mobile or mobile devices.

5. SEOsimple Standard Blogger Templates

the latest blog template

This template is created by the Blogger KeyDunia account, can be enlarged pretty well, made with two columns, and contains popular entries in the sidebar which are marked with colorful boxes.

From the 5 newest blog templates above, please choose which one is suitable and suitable for your blog. and if there are difficulties in the edit template above, comment below..

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